Tuesday, March 8, 2011

If you can ever time travel...

Pasadena, CA

I came out to Incognito Tattoo just before Thanksgiving 2007, just to cover some shifts for Spencer. I did a few tattoos, and I got to watch Adrian and Adam do a handful of tattoos as well. I can back out in the Spring, Jason Schroder offered me a spot, and shortly after that I made the move to Pasadena. 

Beyond the basic idea of how to do a tattoo from start to finish and street shop work ethic, the majority of what I've learned about tattooing I learned at the Pasadena shop. Over the almost three years I spent there I worked with some great tattooers, machine builders and just overall great people. The time I spent at 750 E. Colorado Blvd. changed the way I looked at not just tattoos, but drawing, composition, color theory, technique, machine theory, and pretty much everything I previously thought I knew about tattooing. Without the tattooers (and customers) I worked with at Incognito I wouldn't be where I am now. I know for Jason this is a welcome change, but for me at least (and probably a few other people as well), it's sad the see the doors close at the old Incognito. I met some good friends in that building, and had the opportunity to work on some great projects as well. I was only around for 3 of the 18+ years Incognito was open, but I'll still miss it.
Thanks to everyone I had the chance to work with that was nice enough to show me a thing or two about a thing or two, wether it was for just a few days or almost 3 years.

Spencer Briggs
Adrian Sanchez
Tim Forbus
Shawn Barber
Mike Collins
Zach Johnson
Henry Lewis
Mason Williams
Lynn Akura
Jeff Zuck
Adam Forman