Saturday, April 3, 2010

Noodles in Atwater Village

I went to get dinner with Dalan in Atwater Village, we checked out the Viet Noodle Bar and I got some pictures while we were eating. I either closed my eyes or looked like a goon in every picture. Seriously, 20+ photos and this is it, the prize pig of the bunch.
Here's what I got, it's beef with peanut something. I picked it 'cause Dalan has peanut alergies and it would (literally) kill him if he snuck some while I was in the bathroom, the only way to really know.
 Dalan's was fish noodle something-or-another, it smelled great but I didn't try any. I keep telling him this should be the photo for his press release (he's had me take 50+ photos so far!!), but all he keeps saying is, "it's not professional," and, "this is the photo they'll be running of me for years."

My mistake.

You can see in this one that we're seated facing a wall with a bookshelf/ledge running the length of it. Not the best view, but it worked out KILLER for taking pictures. In the future I'll be asking for one of those normal tables you can see behind us.

This last photo is a gem because I didn't manage to set the self timer.
I assume Dalan is texting an actual photographer.