Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My prayers were answered, twice even.

I've been searching off and on for a small tripod. Every time I find one it seems too big and they always have functions I don't need and are usually bigger than my camera. I hadn't looked for tripods for a while so I did my usuall search for "world's smallest tripod" and this came up...
The Manfrotto 797 ModoPocket, best idea EVER. These pictures certainly don't do it justice. To put it in perspective, it's smaller than a Zippo lighter. I'm not a tripod designer, but I'm now in love with one. Looking at this tripod (is it? there's either 2 legs or 4 legs, depends how you count them) I'm so glad it finally happened. Here are a few pictures of the 797 on my Lumix DMC LX3, a perfect match.

Not pictured is a screen protector I got from Lexerd, def worth getting anytime you get a digital camera. The screens are so prone to scratches, and a clean screen means more $$ on Ebay when you're ready to move on. The final piece of the puzzle will be the JJC ALC-3 auto lens cap I keep seeing pictures of. The only real downfall of the Lumix is dealing with that lens cap everytime you want to take a photo and then putting it back after. This looks like the solution.